10 Dual Action Exercise Bikes For The Money

A little extra is what we always look for- from extra cheese on our burgers to extra features to the appliances we purchase. Getting a little more from the things we buy is what makes it for the money as the added feature will surely make a task simpler. This also true to fitness. If you’re planning to buy a cycle, you should consider getting a dual action exercise bike. Such type gives features like LCD screens, heart monitor, or air resistance aside from the usual pedaling you’ll do.

Here are 10 of the top selling choices you can also consider to purchase.

1. Body Rider BRF700 Upright Exercise Fan Bike

The Body Rider Upright Exercise Fan Bike won’t just exercise your lower body, it will also engage your upper body with its dual action handlebars. Since the handles are extended, you don’t have to worry about raising the level of your seat. Another plus feature of the Body Rider bike is its fan wheel that will produce wind to refresh you while you workout. This fan wheel also gives fast and consistent momentum to your pedaling.

This equipment also has adjustable resistance and a small screen to display your workout progress. It can carry 350 pounds of user weight, a little lower compared to other bikes that can accommodate up to 330 pounds.

Overall, this is a wise buy as it’s made from quality steel that will last for years of working out.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike with Pulse Monitor

Pulse grips, tablet holder, and a functional LCD display, these are what the Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike with Pulse Monitor will give you as a plus. The pulse monitor is helpful so you can stay within the recommended limit if ever you have an underlying condition. You can also keep up with your emails or messages as you place your tablet in front of you while you pedal.

Aside from this, there’s also a quiet belt drive system on the wheel of this dual action exercise bike so you can use it without creaking and rugged pedaling. This recumbent bike will be a comfortable choice if you have back issues or difficulty sitting in a narrow bike seat.

The Sunny Health & Fitness bike would require assembly but this would be a small thing compared to the features and the price.

dual action exercise bike

3. Exerpeutic Exercise Bike with Pulse

If you’re looking for a machine that has extra features and extra user weight accommodation, you’ll never go wrong with Exerpeutic Exercise Bike with Pulse. Its handles are equipped with heart sensors where the results will be flashed on the LCD screen together with other workout metrics like speed, calories burned, etc.

This dual action exercise bike has a 300-pound user weight capacity plus a quiet operation as long as you tighten the screws well during assembly. Since it’s made for universal use, this is equipped with a bigger and softer seat. This has the usual knob for the adjustment of the resistance depending on your workout preference.

Once you’re done with your workout, you can simply fold this bike and store it away. If you can’t afford machines worth more than $200, the Exerpeutic is the one for you.

4. Marcy ME-708 Upright Bike

For a compact choice of exercise equipment, the Marcy ME-708 Upright Bike will be a good choice. It takes pride on its state-of-the-art LCD display that will provide you with your workout metrics in larger numbers for easy reading. This bike has counterbalanced pedals for maximum control of your pedaling aside from the foot straps attached to it.

The Marcy ME-708 has a magnetic resistance for a smooth and consistent use. The best part is that this bike has a higher saddle so even tall individuals will find ease using this for their workout. If you’re looking for a fix of cardio, the Marcy ME-708 will be your sturdy dual action exercise bike.

When in use, this pedal produces almost zero noise. This is a good bike for those who are looking for a starter cycle with less resistance.

5. Stamina ATS Exercise Bike with Air Resistance

Instead of the usual magnetic system, the Stamina ATS Exercise Bike uses air resistance to increase the intensity of your workout. Even if you set it in the highest resistance, the slip-resistant pedals will secure your footing. Aside from that, this also has dual action handles so you can experience an elliptical-like workout on this bike.

The Stamina ATS has an InTouch Fitness Monitor that displays your progress including the mileage, calories burned, and speed. The only disadvantage to this bike is its small seat. You can purchase a bigger one for your comfort; nevertheless, the original one will function just as fine.

For less than $100, you’ll get more than what you pay for in this dual action exercise bike. With 250-pound capacity, cool breeze, and whole body workout, this is already the best buy.

dual action exercise bike

6. Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Bike

If you love the idea of a built-in fan on your bike, the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Cycle will be another choice. This has an infinite resistance thanks to its air system that will level up the intensity the harder you pedal -no more turning of knobs just to increase your pedaling strength.

Its dual action handlebars will let you work out your upper and lower body at once. There’s also an advanced console on the bike that will allow you to see six workout metrics real time as you pedal. This also features a telemetric heart rate monitor though you will have to purchase the strap separately.

If you want to multi-task, you can use the reading rack this bike comes with. This dual action exercise bike is perfect if you can’t go out and head to the gym as you can perform tons of exercises using this cycle.

7. ProGear 100S Training Bike

With a 22-pound flywheel, you can pedal your way to fitness using the ProGear 100S Training Bike. This compact upright machine can accommodate 250 pounds and it will still give a smooth pedaling through the chain drive system. The tension will be easily adjusted using the dedicated knob. There are also heart sensors so you can watch out for your limit. Aside from your heart rate, the LCD screen will also display your distance, speed, calories burned, and time.

Whatever your height is, you can surely become comfortable using this bike as the seat can be adjusted in four different levels. There’s also an emergency brake in case you need to stop your workout even in the middle of intense pedaling on this dual action exercise bike.

8. FitDesk Upright Bike with Massage Bar

Do you want to exercise while you work? The FitDesk Upright Bike with Massage Bar is the one for you. Like the usual exercise bike, this has a digital monitor that will display your time, calories burned, mileage, and more. It has a twin-belt designed flywheel so you’ll pedal smoothly.

Another good thing about this bike is its desk platform mounted in the handles. Beneath this is a storage tray where you can place your phone or tablet while you work on your laptop or read magazines. Since typing in such position is a bit straining, there’s an attached massage roller for ease of movement on your wrist.

This bike is highly adjustable and can even function as a semi-recumbent type when setting backward. There’s a small backrest attached to the seat of utmost comfort.

dual action exercise bike

9. Best Choice Magnetic Upright Bike

If you want to have a little chic but functional equipment, you should choose the Best Choice Magnetic Upright Bike. This dual action exercise bike has a foldable construction equipped with a soft seat and even a backrest so you can comfortably pedal. With a smooth eight resistance levels, you can achieve the intensity that you want aside from the fact that the bike could be set in three different positions for more exercises.

The best thing about this Best Choice bike is it can be used as rehabilitative equipment for knee and ligament injuries. To track your progress, you can refer to the LCD screen for the workout metrics. It might be possible to set the bike into a semi-recumbent form but you should keep in mind that this can only hold up to 200 pounds of user weight.

10. Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

If you want an extremely high-tech equipment to aid your fitness, get the Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike. This has an advanced computer console that will display 13 different work out details. You can also connect the system on you’re my Fitness Pal account for a comprehensive use. There are also USB charging ports so you no longer need to get off the bike to plug your devices.

Since the Nautilus wants to level up user experience, it comes with a big speaker for your choice of music or program. There are 22 programs on the computer console, 20 resistance levels, and two user profiles so even your spouse can maximize the bike. It’s a little expensive but truly worth it.

A dual action exercise bike is for the money as it gives additional features. Just make sure that what you’ll buy fits your fitness goal and budget. What I listed here will help you start scouting for your own purchase. What do you think of these products? Let us know!

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10 Dual Action Exercise Bikes For The Money

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