5 Body Rider Elliptical Exercise Bikes Reviewed: Are These Worth Your Money?

We’re used to seeing typical exercise bikes that leave your upper body idle for hours. This isn’t a practical choice if you’re thinking of having a full-body workout in a single equipment. Before you purchase, don’t miss checking out the Body Rider series. They offer elliptical-like equipment so you can have an exercise bike with arm workout to engage your upper body.

Here, I’ll give you a comprehensive review of the brand’s design and quality, functionality, price, and add-on features. The Body Rider could be a stranger to your shopping list, but they are worth checking out. Is it a thumbs up or thumbs down? Let’s find out:

Design and Quality

The design of Body Rider bikes is unique among exercise bikes. It has an incorporated elliptical function, though not all of its cycles have such feature. This allows full-body exercise in just a single equipment. What’s more is that it’s using a fan wheel which is reminiscent of Schwinn’s elite line of air bikes.

Overall, the design is great but you should be careful of one thing. The seat of this cycle is hard and uncomfortable to use for extended sessions. It’s either you use it for short exercise or you get a softer seat to swap with the original. The bike might be best for smaller users too.

Another concern on this bike is that some models would start to produce squeaking sound then turn out to be a sign of a metal snapping during the workout. If you bought a Body Rider exercise bike with arm workout, be observant and make the most out of the warranty.

exercise bike with arm workout


A combination of an elliptical machine, bike, and a fan wheel, what else can you think of? Of course, Body Rider bikes are functional but it’s understandable that it’s not yet in its prime. For many users, this works just as fine, but for some, it turned out to be an unwise investment.

One thing you should keep mind is that you’ll need to assemble Body Rider bikes by yourself. You should put every part perfectly to avoid ruining the equipment.


For such features, the Body Rider bikes are surprisingly within the $200-mark. This might explain some of the downsides but it’s just right to give the brand the benefit of the doubt. You get what you pay for if you use it carefully and within the limits of the machine.

Body Rider isn’t that bad, but you have to understand that it’s not fit for long hours of exercising. Some models may endure this, but some may not. In case of repairs, you may need to contact the sellers as there is little information online about replacement parts.

Add-on Features

Some models like the BRT3980 have computer consoles equipped with programmed workouts. There are also heart sensors, dual handlebars, and a cooling system courtesy of the fan wheel. These are just basic add-ons but it makes a difference when you’re using an exercise bike with arm workout.


-Price. For its feature-packed design, the price is surprisingly affordable. Users who want a multi-functional equipment would surely benefit from Body Rider’s cycles.

-Design. It’s not just an exercise bike, the Body Rider dual action cycles can be an elliptical trainer or an upper body workout equipment.

-Fan-wheel. If you’re like me who has a fondness for air bikes, you would love the fan wheel of Body Rider. It’s just a simple add-on but it stands out in the design.

-Dual handlebars on some models. Sometimes, working out depends on the mood. If you don’t want to do some elliptical training, you can use the separate handles to stick to the biking.


-Not advisable for bad knees. The seats of most of the bikes are hard and not good for long-term use. If you’re planning to use Body Rider exercise bike with arm workout for injury rehabilitation, you may need to think twice.

-Some models are not durable. A few of the users of Body Rider bikes complain of having shards of metal on their floor after the cycle produced grinding sounds while they are pedaling. This may or may not be an isolated case.

-Handles can’t be locked. The movable handles could be a little troublesome as it can’t be locked while you’re using the separate pedals on the flywheel.

The Final Verdict: Is it For The Money?

exercise bike with arm workout

This largely depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re thinking of buying this for ten minutes a day of use, your money is safe. In case you’re scouting for a cycle you can use for long workouts, this isn’t the best choice. You may want to check Schwinn bikes for that one.

There are pros and cons to this brand so you have to weight your options well.

Exercise Bike With Arm Workout: Top 5 Picks From Body Rider

1. Body Rider Exercise Upright Air Bike

If you’re looking for the quintessential Body Rider bike, it would be the Exercise Upright Air Bike. This has the updated seat that’s made softer as well as the famed dual-action handlebars for a full-body workout. Although it uses a fan wheel, you would have to adjust the resistance on a dedicated knob.

Still, this can offer a high-momentum exercise. Just keep in mind that there are no separate handles in case you don’t want to do the elliptical routine. The handles are connected to the pedals so you need to use it simultaneously. To monitor your progress, there’s handy LCD screen in front.

2. Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike

If you think pedals are too overrated, you can try the Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike. It comes with a built-in elliptical machine so you’ll have a foot platform instead of the traditional pedals. You can use this together with the attached movable handlebars. May it be seated or standing up, you can use this bike with equal ease, as there are separate handlebars if you want to rest your arms. Just keep in mind that the movable handles will keep moving as you pedal.

This one has a nice seat so you may not need to get a softer one.

exercise bike with arm workout

3. Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Trainer

If you want the same dual action build from the second listed bike but in a spinning cycle, check out the Body Rider Deluxe Flywheel Trainer. This exercise bike with arm workout uses a 15-pound flywheel to give a smooth and consistent pedaling. There are also double handlebars you can use to practice an elliptical routine or just basic cycling. But like the second bike, the handlebars will keep moving as those are attached to the foot platform.

Your progress will project on the small LCD screen on the immovable handlebars.

4. Body Rider 3-in-1 Exercise Bike Trainer

The Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio Trainer might be your best buy as it’s made to be an elliptical trainer, an upright cycle, and a recumbent bike. It’s complete with movable handles and backrest so you can modify your workout. Anyway, there are no separate pedals and you have to use the foot platform instead.

One good thing about this bike is the bigger LCD screen. This displays not only the workout metrics but also 17 computer-programmed workouts. There are also heart sensors to top these features. This bike has a patented design so you’ll have a unique user experience.

5. Body Rider BRM3635 Elliptical Bike

The Body Rider BRM3635 Elliptical Bike is a 2-in-1 equipment that will serve as a full elliptical machine when used while standing up or a bike when used while seated. Unlike the first cycles, this one has an increased user weight capacity of 250 pounds. There’s an LCD screen with built-in Fit Technology so you can monitor your progress real time.

This Body Rider cycle uses a three-piece crank system so you’re assured of smooth pedaling. The bike runs on magnetic resistance instead of a spinning wheel.

An exercise bike with arm workout is better than a typical cycle if you’re planning to have a full-body workout. The Body Rider cycles could be good choices as long as you check the features and suit it with your expectations. This brand isn’t that bad and given the innovation that it makes on the latest releases, the future holds a big improvement in the functions and designs. Do you like any Body Rider bikes? Share it with us!

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5 Body Rider Elliptical Exercise Bikes Reviewed: Are These Worth Your Money?

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