Benefits of Running on the Treadmill

Benefits of Running on the Treadmill

In this article, I want to talk about the Benefits of Running on the Treadmill. Okay, and incorporating treadmills running into your overall running program to me. Running on a treadmill is an important component of a well-balanced run training program for several different reasons.

One of the main reasons for the Benefits of Running on the Treadmill is running on a treadmill. That enables you to reduce your risk of getting injured. Because a lot of runners in fact almost all runners I know end up getting hurt at one point or another due to overuse injuries. But by running on a treadmill you reduce that risk because most modern treadmills have those nice cushiony decks. So that’s a real advantage to running on the treadmill up to 50% of your volume. So if you’re putting in 40 miles a week because you’re getting ready for a marathon. You can run upwards of 20 miles on the treadmill and really get a lot of benefit from that.

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The other thing with running on a treadmill is that enables you to control your pace and your intensity. So there’s absolute control over those variables where sometimes on the road you don’t have that same level of control. So for those couple reasons alone running on the treadmill. A few days a week really makes a lot of sense one thing. I do want to mention when running on a treadmill is you want to make sure that you play around a little bit with your incline and it’s recommended that when you run on the treadmill.

you set your incline for about 2 to 3 percent grade to simulate that same resistance you might get when running out there on the road. So keep that in mind and of course, always observe safety when on the treadmill. always pay attention to where you are on the belt and don’t let your mind wander too much because we don’t want you flying off the back of the treadmill. So incorporate treadmill work into your program and I know you’ll take your running to the next level until next time train safe and train smart you.

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