Best Elliptical Machine Under $500 | Top 5 Elliptical Reviews 2020

Best Elliptical Machine Under $500 | Top 5 Elliptical Reviews 2021

It’s always a smart idea to have some basic home gym equipment in your house. One of the best options is a low-impact machine that provides a great cardiovascular workout such as an elliptical surprisingly. There are plenty of home elliptical machines that are convenient and not overly expensive. Here we will review the Best Elliptical Machine Under $500.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine:

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine is a safe and solid machine that would be a great addition to your home gym. It has large anti-slip platforms for safety and an easy twist system to increase or decrease resistance through eight levels. The hemp pulse monitoring system allows you to control your heartbeat and the machine will also show you all your time, speed, distance, calories, and total distance. The Sunny SF-E905 provides low-impact, cardiovascular training from the comfort of your own home. Built to provide a smooth upper and lower body workout without jarring impact on the knee joints, the Sunny SF-E905 features large anti-slip foot platforms for stability and dynamically moving arms to engage your upper body. This Elliptical provides a smooth, flowing motion of a micro-tension controller.


  • Weight – 61 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 220 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 28″ L x 17″ W x 57″ H
  • Batteries – 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Stride Length – 11 inch
  • Resistance – 8 Levels    
  • Tension System – Magnetic     Digital Monitor – Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Distance, and Pulse


  • Magnetic resistance with micro-tension controller
  • Large anti-slip foot platforms
  • Moving arms for upper body workout
  • Hand pulse monitoring system
  • Multi-function workout computer
  • Compact 11″ stride length makes this unit easy to workout in small spaces
  • Durable transportation wheels.

Features of SF-E905:


Switch up the intensity of your workout on your SF-E905 with the convenient tension knob. With a simple adjustment, you can increase or decrease resistance. So you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout with the twist of the precise micro-controller equipped with 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

Digital Monitor:

Tracking your progress on the SF-E905 is simple with the Digital Monitor screen. Follow along with your workout progress on the digital monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

Anti-Slip Handlebars and Foot Pads:

Complete a safe and stable workout thanks to the anti-slip handlebars and footpads.


Achieve smooth and even movement by leveling your elliptical bike with the onboard stabilizers.


This compact machine is ideal for people looking to achieve an incredible workout, but don’t have much space to work with.

Transportation Wheels:

Making the transformation of your home into your own personal fitness studio is effortless with these convenient transport wheels. Simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage, no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. The wheels at the front of the unit allow the user to move their bike around with ease, from room to room, or store it away out of sight.

Floor Stabilizers:

To prevent tipping, rocking, and swaying on uneven surfaces for carpets and hardwood floors alike. Simply turn until level.

11 inch Stride:

With its 11 in stride length for its short burst, step-like motion, the E905 is a compact unit that fits easily into almost any space including bedrooms and small room apartments. Because it’s so compact, this also makes it much easier to store it away so it’s out of sight.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike:

The Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer is a distinctive piece of fitness equipment as it combines two machines in one, greatly expanding your workout potential. This dual trainer allows you to use it as a regular elliptical, or as an exercise bike with the attached adjustable seat. This elliptical bike is designed to give you a gentle and low impact, yet effective cardio workout for your upper and lower body. Because of its low-impact nature, the Body Rider BR2000 Elliptical is an especially good choice for individuals who suffer from leg, back, or hip problems.


  • Weight – 66 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 250 lbs
  • Product Dimensions – 48 x 28.5 x 59.5 inches
  • Digital Monitor –calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate


  • Two- in-one fitness machine, elliptical trainer and exercise bike
  • High-momentum fan blade flywheel system for smooth, fluid movement
  • Easily adjustable tension knob with minimal impact on joints
  • Electronic console tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • Fully adjustable seat (horizontally and vertically) to fit different types of body types and heights.

Features of Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical

Ideal for beginners:

The BRD2000 is a low-cost solution for people who want the workout that an elliptical can provide and an ideal choice for beginners who may need to sit down or combine standing and sitting during their workout.

Built-in Transport Wheel:

Move the unit around or store it with ease with the built-in transport wheel.

Adjustable seat:

The seat not only adjusts vertically but also horizontally as well. Creating comfort for all users.

Tension Adjustment:

Tension adjusts easily with the turn of a knob.

Computer Features:

Workout Duration, Distance Covered, Calories Burned, Speed.

Two fitness machines in one:

It is actually two fitness machines in one, with a pair of elliptical arms and foot pedals for upright elliptical use, as well as an adjustable seat that turns the machine into an exercise bike.

Drive system:

The BRD2000 is built around a chain-driven fan wheel, with high-momentum fan blades that run quietly and smoothly without impacting your knees.

Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Cardio Workout Machine

The Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer allows you to get a full cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. It offers a small footprint design that allows you to place it into even the most space restrictive rooms. Two oversized pedals keep your feet properly secured as you work through your stride, making your exercise experience as safe and comfortable as possible. The Marcy Elliptical Trainer also offers upper body ergonomic handles that switch focus and intensity from legs to arms, allowing you to vary your routine and increase overall body development. Keep track of your workout routine with the LCD console that displays time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, and scan-through options. Conveniently placed transport wheels make it easy to move and store the Elliptical Trainer between workouts.


  • Weight – 77 pounds
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs 
  • Product Dimensions: 49 x 24 x 64.2 inches 
  • Stride Length     – 14 inch
  • Battery Type 2 AA batteries (not included) 
  • Tension levels – 24
  • LCD Display – Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer


  • An easy-to-use battery-powered computer display.
  • Vinyl-covered foam handles offer a comfortable ergonomic grip.
  • A conveniently located tension control knob.
  • an ultra-functional battery-powered computer LCD screen.
  • 8-level smooth magnetic resistance.
  • Transport wheels for portability.
  • Handy transport wheels are included.
  • This innovative workout machine simulates walking, running, and climbing stairs.

Features of Marcy Elliptical Trainer

Display Panel:

An easy-to-use battery-powered computer display panel offers time, speed, distance, calories burned, odometer, and scan-through settings so you can track your progress as you train.

Ergonomically Designed Handles:

Vinyl-covered foam handles offer a comfortable ergonomic grip that will allow you to train your upper body with ease throughout your entire workout.

Oversized Pedals:

Train safely with two oversized pedals designed to secure and accommodate feet of all sizes.

Tension Control Knob:

A conveniently located tension control knob lets you customize your elliptical training session to suit your fitness needs.

8 Resistance Levels:

This innovative workout machine simulates walking, running, and climbing stairs. It comes with a tension knob that allows you to turn the resistance up or down to customize your training according to your fitness needs.

Durable and Easy to Transport:

This exercise gear includes handy transport wheels to conveniently move it from one room to another. Its quality is ensured with a 2-year manufacturer’s limited to let you maximize your purchase hassle-free.

ZDMSEJ Elliptical Machine

This is a very solid and durable machine for the price it is made from a streamlined steel frame with stabilizer bars and leveler and has a wide base that provides secure stability and lasting durability. It is one of the sturdiest machines we’ve reviewed and can support a maximum of 330 pounds. It is comfortable and secure for its armrest. You can easily transport one room to another room in your home with built-in wheels. It is very smooth and quiet. There are multi-level resistance adjustments that allow for varied workouts and can challenge beginner and advanced users alike. Its ergonomic adjustable handlebar can be moved vertically. It also has LCD monitoring which shows you Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories.


  • Weight – 20kg
  • Weight capacity – 150KG
  • Monitor displays – Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Smart APP Bluetooth connection
  • Resistance adjustment method: magnetic exercise bike
  • Dimension – 76cm (L) x 48.5cm (W) x Adjustable130-149cm (H)


  • Streamlined steel frame with stabilizer bars and leveler
  • An ergonomic adjustable handlebar can be moved vertically.
  • Armrest for added comfort and security
  • Compact and easily transported with built-in wheels.

Features of ZDMSEJ Elliptical Machine

Function Monitor Led Displays:

Cross trainers exercise machines have Time, Speed, Distance, and Calorie

Multiple Exercises:

You can do various workouts even at home or in the office to train your ankle, knee, waist, and arms, Dual Direction Forward & Backward Elliptical Workout, is a perfect workout device for providing low-impact aerobic workouts

Maximum Load Bearing:

330 lbs Max User Weight, Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer – An exercise bike and Cross trainer for maximum workout potential, Smart APP Bluetooth connection

Adjustable Design:

Fully adjustable handlebars that can be moved horizontally and vertically, fully adjustable multi-level resistance to increase workout intensity.

Product Characteristics:

Durable Steel Frame – Extra Wide Platform Pedals – Large Comfortable Seat – Front Wheels – Easy to Move around the House

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic – SF-E3988

Achieve a versatile cardiovascular and lower body workout with the SF-E3988 Compact Stand-up Elliptical. Get toned hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves in an ultra-convenient, space-saving, and lightweight elliptical exercise machine. Step on the wide, textured footplates to maintain optimal stability. Manage your balance and posture using the handlebars for a stable workout session. Perfect for homes, bedrooms, and shared spaces, this portable exercise machine has a smooth belt-drive system that makes minimal noise. 8 levels of adjustable resistance enable progressive increases in difficulty to help you reach your fitness goals and take your workouts to the next step!


  • Weight – 32.6 lbs
  • Weight capacity – 220 lbs
  • Resistance Levels – 8  
  • Tension System – Magnetic    
  • Dimensions – 33.5L x 18.5W x 51.1H inches
  • Digital Monitor – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Scan


  • Smooth belt drive elliptical trainer produces a comfortable and quiet fitness experience.
  • 8 Levels of magnetic resistance provide precise control and customization of your workouts.
  • The adjustable handlebar can suit users for all sizes.
  • Combines the striding motion of an elliptical cross trainer with the small footprint of an exercise stepper

Features of Sunny Magnetic SF-E3988

Digital Monitor:

Utilize the built-in digital monitor to track speed, time, distance, calories, and scan.

8-Level Adjustable Resistance:

8 Levels of magnetic resistance provide precise control and customization of your workouts

2-way Adjustable handlebars:

The adjustable handlebar can suit users of all sizes and helps you to keep a steady grip and maintain balance.

Non-Slip Foot Pedals:

Keep your feet moving safely with the Sunny Health & Fitness Foot Pedals. Textured non-slip pedals accommodate all sizes.

Smooth Glide Wheels:

Designed for low impact workouts, pedal along smooth-rolling glide rails while working every muscle in your lower body.

Transportation Wheels:

Tilt and roll for use or away for easy storage with convenient transport wheels.

Carry Handle:

Compact, space-saving design can be stored away easily. It is a built-in top handle for easy portability.

Floor Stabilizers:

Eliminate any wobbling and shakiness during your workouts by simply turning the floor stabilizers to level with your floor.

Last word:

With a little dedication, you’ll be sure you have great results with any choice on this list. Remember to leave a comment to let us know your opinion.

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