Best Folding Exercise Bike for Short Person

I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, but if you want to know if your body fat is doing you any good, the answer is NO. In This “Best Folding Exercise Bike” you gonna find your answer.

Gaining too much weight can decrease the testosterone level in a man, while women look less attractive. So, if you’re fat and you’re not happy with your self-esteem, it’s time to turn the tables.

Losing your weight and gaining the shape you want will juice you up. Not only you’ll look more attractive but also, you’ll feel healthier.

But hey, I know how it feels to hit the gym suddenly. Especially, if you’re someone who’s into French fries, burgers, and donuts, hitting the gym suddenly will give you a hard time.

Being short can make you go one step backward from going to the gym though. You may have low confidence in your height. But the biggest problem is, you may face a hard time using a lot of instruments.

What’s the solution then? Well, as a beginner, you can start doing cardio at home. How? Well, all you need is a good folding exercise bike specially made for short people.

Wondering which one you should buy? Well, this is why I’m here. I’ll tell you how you’ll get the best folding exercise bike for a short person.

So, without further chit-chat, let’s dive in.

Best Folding Exercise Bike Review

Below are some folding exercise bikes that have been running super-hot in the marketplace. To know their details, give these reviews a read and pick the one that suits you.

1.Pooboo Folding Exercise Bike

This product is one of the best exercise bikes for short people. If you want to paddle the calories away very fast, the Pooboo folding exercise bike can be your best pick. With this exercise bike around, you’ll feel that the gym is right inside your home.

To make sure you can get the ultimate comfort zone while working out, the exercise bike boasts an adjustable seat and U-shape handlebar. As a result, you’ll be able to have a completely customizable experience.

It doesn’t matter what your height is, just simply adjust the seat up and down as it comes with 5 levels. If your height is between 5’3 inches to 6’1, the exercise bike is perfect for you.

As you sit on it, the larger seat cushion it comes with, gives you a very soft pressure on your bottoms, making sure, they don’t feel hurt and you can continue working out for a long time with ease.

Slipping from the pedals is a common problem which most exercise-bike users go through. This is what happens when you buy a cheap product that doesn’t do you any good.

Try the Pooboo folding exercise bike instead.  The pedals have got anti-slip blocks with them to make sure your legs don’t sleep away while pedaling. Besides, it suits most of the shoe sizes and it’s easy to stall.

Want to listen to music while working out? The exercise bike has got you covered. With its accessory holder in the front, you can keep your phone safely in it. While working out, you can just turn your earphones on.

If you feel the need to shift the exercise bike from one room to the other, you can simply move it using the two transportation wheels it comes with.

As far as the durability is worried, the Pooboo folding exercise bike boasts a heavy-duty steel frame, for which, you can expect this exercise bike to last for years.

Highlighted Features

  • It has got a soft cushion seat and a U-shape handlebar, which lets you get the ultimate comfort you’ve always wanted.

  • The pedals have anti-slip blocks that prevent your feet from slipping.

  • You can put your phone in the phone holder on the front and listen to music.

  • The construction of a heavy-duty steel frame ensures the durability of the product.


  • You’ll get the ultimate comfort zone.   

  • Easy to setup.

  • Allows you to work out and listen to music.

  • Has enhanced durability.


  • It comes with an LCD that looks cheap.

2.Murtisol Stationary Bike

Are you still searching for the best exercise bike for a short person?  Get your hands on the Murtisol stationary bike. It is packed with lots of advanced features, and this stationary bike can be your best pick.

As you roll your eyes at its slender look, you’ll know this exercise bike is a premium one. It’s not one of those mainstreams that you see on low-budget gyms. Rather, it’s heavily built for those who want both functionality and a posh outlook.

Specially designed for women, this exercise bike boasts non-rusting steel that teamed up with an X-Structure loaded with a twister plate, push-up handles, and padded back.

Along with shaping your body up by cycling, you can tighten your muscles now. This amazing exercise bike comes with resistance bands as extra features. Need to work out your arm and chest muscles? Use these bands and get shredded.

Does your exercise bike have a hard surface seat? The reason you feel the pain on your bottoms is that the hard surface of the seat puts pressure on them. 

As a result, if you stop working out after cycling for a few minutes, no one’s going to be surprised.

Well, the Mursitol exercise bike comes with a large and comfortable seat. The 1/3 extra large cushion seat makes sure you get the soft and squishy pressure as you sit on it.

As a result, you end up being in the comfort zone which allows you to work out for as long as you want. Besides, the seat comes with a padded handle and back pad that give you comfortable riding.

Highlighted Features

  • Holds a very premium design that will impress you.

  • It is made of non-rusting, heavy-duty steel, which ensures its enhanced durability.

  • It comes with resistant bands, twister plate, push up handles that help your whole body to get shredded.

  • The extra-large cushion seat gives you a soft and squishy pressure as you sit on it, allowing you to work out with convenience.


  • Easy to store.

  • Holds a posh look.

  • Easy to set it up.

  • Boasts a heavy-duty construction that ensures durability.

  • Gives you the ultimate comfort zone while working out.


  • Can be more expensive than an upright exercise bike.

  • Built specially for women, so it is not recommended for men.

3.Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike

Your best pick can be the Harvil foldable magnetic exercise bike. With mind-boggling features around, this one surely is a beast.

As you take a look at it, you’ll be amazed to see its compact design and premium, sleek finish. The color combination it boasts will make you go wow. You’ll eventually think it’s worth spending a fortune.

Are you tired of getting your feet slipped now and then while working out?

Save all the embarrassment as this magnetic exercise bike comes with strong straps, unlike its competitors. Cycle for hours, there’s no chance of getting slipped as these straps got your feet covered.

As I said, this exercise bike has a superbly compact design. You can store it almost anywhere, even in small spaces. But it is not only compact but also holds enhanced portability.

All you need to do is fold the exercise bike when you’re not using it, for easy storage. When you need to move it, simply use the 2 built-in wheels it has.

Make sure you get your comfort zone while working out. While lots of exercise bike come with hard surface seats, this one ensures your bottom feels like they’ve landed on a huge marshmallow.

The cushion seat the exercise bike offers comes in an extra-large shape so that your bottom can have room for comfort. Its soft surface gives you squishy pressure as you sit on it.

Also, for added comfort, you can adjust the height of the seat, depending on the height you prefer. As you sit back and pedal, the seat-side padded handles provide you extra support so that you can maintain your balance. 

Highlighted Features

  • You can fold it anytime you want to store it inside a small space.

  • The bike has strong straps to make sure your feet do not get slipped.

  • It has a soft cushion seat. With its squishy surface around, you can sit on it with ease.

  • The padded handles on the sides give you extra support and added comfort.


  • Easy to store and move.

  • Comfortable cushion seat and padded handles.

  • No worries to get your feet slipped.

  • Quick and easy setup.


  • A plastic structure is holding the seat.

  • It comes with a very small shape.

4.Pexmor Foldable Exercise Bike

If you’re still searching for the best upright exercise bike for short people, you might want to have a look at the Pexmor foldable exercise bike.

First off, its outlook will leave you jaw-dropped and you’ll know it’s one of a kind. With the heavy-duty metal structure, this beast not only boasts a sleek dominating finish but also ensures enhanced durability.

Unlike its competitors, the exercise bike has a large upgraded foam padded back cushion which teamed up with an ergonomic PU leader padded seat. It’s thicker and it’s softer than any other.

Working out for hours from now on won’t give you a hard time, as your bottoms will feel relaxed as you sit on them. You’ll feel like you’ve sat on a large marshmallow as you get more comfort and relaxation.

To make sure you can improve your upper body strength and stretch your leg muscles, the Pexmorteam had made all the arrangements on their exercise bike.

As a bonus feature, it comes with adjustable resistance bands. Using these bands, you’ll be able to work your arms and legs out and improve your body strength.  

Very easily you can save your money and time as you won’t need to buy these pieces of equipment separately. Besides, you can maximize your workout by turning this product into an upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent exercise bike.

Stressing about storing this exercise bike in your small home? Wave off all the worries as the Pexmor exercise bike has a compact foldable design.

When you’re done working out, just fold it and keep it anywhere you want. It will blend in perfectly even in small spaces. Besides, with its two transport wheels, moving this exercise bike is going to be a piece of cake.

Highlighted Features

  • The heavy-duty metal body ensures the durability of the product.

  • It has got a thicker and softer seat for enhanced comfort.

  • The product comes with a compact design, so you can store it in a small space.

  • Turn it into an upright, semi-recumbent and recumbent exercise bike and maximize your workout.


  • Heavy-duty construction.

  • Comfortable

  • It blends in perfectly even in places with space issue.

  • Can be moved easily.


  • You face a hard time while folding it.

5. Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

This one may not be the best upright exercise bike for home, but it certainly is one of the bests.

For better health, take your cardio to satisfying heights by getting rid of all the old exercise bikes. This one comes with pedals that target the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

With the Marcy foldable exercise bike around, you can strengthen and tone your legs along with burning fat very effectively.

Durability matters a lot and if your product is not durable enough, the odds are, you’ll have to spend a fortune fixing it once in a while. If you’re not lucky enough, you might have to replace the whole product with a new one.

Save all the stress and hassle as this amazing exercise bike ensures the ultimate durability you’ve been craving for.

Built with a 14-gauge, high-quality frame, the exercise bike makes sure it lasts for years and gives you its company. It doesn’t matter how rough you use it; this exercise bike can take a beating.

Imagine, you’re cycling and suddenly your legs got slipped. If it happens constantly, it will give you a hard time. This usually happens if the pedals do not have strong foot straps.

Get your hands on the Marcy foldable exercise bike, instead. It has got counterweighted pedals that are backed up by adjustable foot straps and foam padded seating.

As you keep your feet on the pedals, the foot straps grip them tightly, helping you avoid all those unwanted slips and letting you have hassle-free cycling.

There’s nothing to worry about storing the exercise bike if you got space issues. As the name says, you can fold it when you don’t need it.

Once you fold it, the size will shrink, and you’ll see how easy it becomes for you to store it even inside small spaces.

Highlighted Features

  • The pedal targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, allowing you to have effective cardio results.

  • Its high-quality frame ensures the product lasts for years.

  • The strong foot straps make sure your feet do not slip during working out.

  • It comes with a compact design, so storing it in small spaces won’t be a problem.


  • Best cardio results.

  • Heavy-duty construction.

  • Easy to setup.

  • Can be stored easily in places with space issues.


  • It doesn’t have any wheel so that you can move it easily.

6. Ancheer Folding Exercise Bike

If you want both fun and functionality, the Ancheer folding exercise bike can fill your cup of tea. Packed full of advanced features and tech, this beast is one of those exercise bikes people are craving.

Unlike any other exercise bike, this one lets you watch a video on its digital display. If you’re not into cycling stuff, the simulated game scene will provoke you to work out and cycle for a long time.

All you need to do is speed up and surpass to get to the first place to win. As you take the challenge, you won’t be bored working out for hours.

The exercise bike boasts a sturdy X-steel design which makes it one of a kind when it comes to looks. Besides, it supports the rod so that you can maintain a good balance during movement.

That being said, this sturdy design helps you to store the exercise bike in places with space issues. When you’re done with your exercise, just simply fold it and store it anywhere you want.

To take your comfort zone to its peak, the exercise bike comes with an adjustable deep padded seat. Its soft and cozy surface lets you work out with the comfort you’ve always wanted.

Sit on it and you won’t feel any pain on your bottom even if you work out for hours. Adjust the heights according to your need and you’ll be good to go.

Want to move your exercise to the other room? Moving the exercise bike is easy like snapping a finger. It has got transportation wheels that help you move it with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • You can watch a game scene as you work out. This will let you stay focused as you take the challenge to win the race.

  • The X-steel design helps you maintain a good balance during movement.

  • The exercise bike boasts a compact design, so if you can store it even in small spaces.

  • The transportation wheels help you move it with ease.


  • Lets you have fun during exercise.

  • Lets you work out with ease

  • Easy to store even in a small space.

  • Easy to move anywhere.


  • It doesn’t seem to be a professional exercise bike.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Folding Exercise Bike for Short Person

So, you’ve decided to buy the best upright exercise bike 2019. However, you don’t know what features you must look for before buying the exercise bike. The odds are, you might end up getting your hands on the wrong exercise bike.

To make sure you don’t end up buying the wrong product, there are some features you need to take into account. Well, here are the things you should consider before buying an exercise bike.


Not just exercise bikes, when it comes to buying anything, you should always make sure it is durable and last for years.

To know how durable an exercise bike should be, you need to look for the material it is made of. Go for the ones that come with heavy-duty metal construction. Also, look if it has non-rusting features.

There are plenty of exercise bikes available in the marketplace that boast metallic bodies, yet don’t have non-rusting features. As a result, their qualities die within a very short time.

Another great way to see if the product is durable is to check the warranty offer. Now, this one is a very cool trick which most people don’t know.

For example, if you buy an exercise bike that has a 5-years warranty offer, it means the manufacturers are confident enough that this product will last at least 5 years. Otherwise, they wouldn’t give this offer, right?

Get yourself the one that has the longest span of warranty, and you might end up with a durable exercise bike.


Trust me on this, if your exercise bike is a beast, but it doesn’t have a comfy seat, it won’t do you any good.

As you sit on the seat of your exercise bike, it puts pressure on your bottoms. the cycling goes on, the constant pressure can harm your buttocks if it’s not soft enough.

As a result, even if you’re enthusiastic about hitting the gym, you won’t be able to continue working out for long.

Always look for the exercise bike that comes with a very soft seat. If it has enough cushions, your bottoms will feel relaxed even if you work out for hours. The soft pressure will take your comfort zone to heights.


Working out for hours can give you a hard time if you don’t back yourself up with some entertainment stuff.  There are plenty of exercise bikes that come with phone holders.

You can simply put your phones in it and plug the earphones in. As you work out, you’ll be able to enjoy music as well.

Other exercise bikes have gaming displays. On the LCD, you’ll get to see a gaming video where you get to challenge other bikers.

To win the race, you got to speed up. Soon you’ll realize that you’ve spent an hour running after other bikers without even knowing.  This will keep you focused and avoid boredom when you’re working out.


Having a great design does not only make sure the product looks good but also can increase your comfort. Buying exercise bikes that have an X-steel design is a wise idea. It will make sure you can maintain a good balance as you work out.

Also, you must consider if the product you’re buying is compact or not. If you don’t buy an exercise bike that is compact enough, you may have a hard time storing it if you have a small space.

Extra Equipment

There are exercise bikes that come with extra gears like resistant bands, twister plates, push-up handles, etc. as extra features. If you want to get, your whole body shredded, getting an exercise bike that has all these features is a great idea.

As a result, you won’t have to buy these separately. This will save you money and your time. 

Does It Have Wheels?

You may feel the need to shift your exercise bike from one place to the other. If it doesn’t have wheels, you’ll face issues shifting it.

To make sure you don’t go through such hassle, get yourself the exercise bikes that have wheels for easy transportation. With the wheels around, moving the exercise bike will be a piece of cake for you.

Which One Is the Best Folding Exercise Bike According to my Opinion?

All of these exercise bikes above have their uniqueness. However, if you want my opinion about a specific one, I would choose the Pexmor foldable exercise bike.

It not only boasts a heavy-duty structure but also looks like a premium and flagship product. Besides, you can use this as an upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent exercise bike.

If you have a friend who has bought this exercise bike, I’m pretty sure you’ll get positive reviews about it. So, what’s making you wait? Grab one right now and get shredded.


  1. Can I change the seat if it’s necessary?

    Ans. If you face any problem regarding the seat, you can replace it with a better one if it’s necessary. For further details, contact the dealer you brought your product from.

  2. Can I watch TV while working out?

    Ans. Of course, you can, but it is recommended to keep the focus on your work. If you feel the need for entertainment, get yourself the exercise bike that comes with videos in its display.

  3. Can I use the exercise bike while being pregnant?

    Ans. I wouldn’t take that risk if I were you. Having good health is a must, but you got to set your priorities. It is a NO for you to use these bikes when you’re pregnant.

  4.  What if I face any problem with my exercise bike?

    Ans. All these exercise bikes have got warranty offers. If your exercise bike needs some fixing, contact your dealer and fix your problem without spending a penny.

Final Words

We all want good health, right? Imagine the day you’ll lose all your unwanted fats and get a shredded body. Having a well-maintained body not only keeps you healthy but also boosts your confidence.

To have a good-looking body, you don’t always have to go to the gym outside. At least, you don’t need to hit the gym as a beginner.

If you’re a bit shorter than average, get yourself the best folding exercise bike for a short person and start doing all the cardio. Within months, you’ll see a huge change in your body and your confidence.

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