CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary

CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary Review

If you are a health-conscious person and want a healthy life, then you can rely on CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary. As exercise makes a man fit in all aspects. If you don’t have much time for outdoor exercise, then CYCLACE is there for you with any exercise equipment. Which will be helpful for you.

We all know that Health is Wealth. If we keep a healthy body, we can lead a healthy life. Exercise benefits everyone regardless of sex, age, and physical ability. You can live long or we can say that you can live a healthy life through maintaining your health.

Mainly exercise means all types of activity that maintain or enhances physical fitness and overall wellness and health. It improves strength, develops muscles, helps to weight loss, improves health, and makes the mind fresh. It is said that little exercise is better than doing nothing.

In this article, we will learn to know about many indoor types of equipment of CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary which will help us to maintain fitness. So let’s continue reading the article to collect the right information for your better decision.

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Best CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary

CYCLACE offers all type of important features and aspects that fitness hunger need to have a smooth and safe indoor cycling experience. We tried our best to consider our customers need and designed high-quality products, which will help you to experience better exercise.

As the founder of CYCLACE is a fitness instructor and product designer, knows well about the performance of exercise bikes. CYCLACE helped a large number of customers to achieve fitness goals. That’s why we feel proud.

We understand that many of you cannot afford the huge costs of keeping fit through indoor exercising. That’s why we designed high-quality products which are affordable. So that you don’t have to bother about the budget.

So don’t waste time and select your best fitness equipment. As here we are going to know about the Best CYCLACE Exercise Bike. Which will be helpful to maintain proper health.

CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary 330lbs Weight Capacity

This exercise bike is a wonderful bike at an affordable price. Which also offers free prime shipping. This is the indoor cycling bike that has comfortable seat cushioned, LCD monitor, and tablet holder. Which are the most demanding features you need.

This bike can be used for various purposes. Such as weight loss, warm-up, maintain physical fitness etc. This is a bike which can be used by all your family members. So you can purchase one exercise bike and keep full family fit.

Product Details

Maximum height39 inch
Maximum weight capacity330 pounds
Drive systemBelt
H*W*L40*33*10 inches
Part numberL-003B
Suggested usersUnisex

Product Description

  • CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary 330lbs Weight Capacity is the best choice for a complete home gym. It has an extended seat support, which can be used by 5.1-6.5 ft people. So all your family members can use the machine.
  • It has 36lbs flywheel. Which gives a smooth riding experience.
  • The bike has 2 ways adjustable multi grips handlebar, 4 ways adjustable seat. Which helps to move seat according to your interest.
  • There is a resistance bar, which helps to rotate and press down your seat.
  • The bike has an iPad holder. Where you can keep your device safe and attend important calls or message while exercising.
  • Multi functioned monitor helps to enjoy music or watch video while exercising.
  • There is a bottle holder in the bike. Where you can keep water or juice bottles to keep yourself dehydrated while exercising.
  • To move the machine in your preferred place there are wheels. So you can move the machine wherever you want.
  • To protect cage pedal, there is a cage pedals protection system.
  • Its inseam height is 28-39 inch.

Benefits of CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary

  • CYCLACE Exercise Bike is a safe, stable and durable cycling machine. Which gives you a comfortable ride. It’s a good choice for a family gym.
  • 36lbs flywheel, belt drive system, thickened steel and triangular frame supports up to 330lbs and it’s smoother than chain.
  • It’s an effective bike which burn calories, strengthen heart, built muscle and reduces injuries. It has strong resistance power which meets the need of professionals to beginners.
  • The machine has 2 ways adjustable non slip handlebar, 4 ways seat for people and wheels to move the machine from one place to another. Here everything is perfect for one’s use.
  • The machine has a LCD monitor, which tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned and odometer while you exercise. So you can easily control your exercise limit through seeing all these data.
  • There is a comfortable seat cushion. Which helps to exercise comfortably for long time.
  • You will get a iPad holder. Where you can put your device and attend important calls and messages while exercising.
  • You will get a perfect gym package for your family through purchasing this machine. And by using this machine you will find a good friend.


  • 36lbs flywheel provides comfortable and smooth ride. There is a wool brake pad friction, which ensures noiseless ride. There is also an extra brake pad in the package for free parts replacement.
  • Its high quality steel ensures higher stability. For its triangular structure, this machine can support up to 330lbs weight.
  • Where other bikes has 6 positions of seat bracket, here this machine has 8 adjustable seat bracket. It has a comfortable seat cushion, which can be adjusted back and forward. It also helps to do long time exercise.
  • There is an iPad holder, where you can keep your device and enjoy exercising through watching video or listening music.
  • There is a strong security protection, where you have to press down the resistance bar to stop flywheel in emergency.
  • There is a warning point, which tells you the minimum height of handlebar safety settings.
  • There is cage style pedals, which protects you from slipping in rapid cycling.
Adjustable seatFront/back and up/down
Drive systemBelt drive
Adjustable handlebarUp/down
ResistanceFriction resistance, adjustable
Inseam height28”-39”
Maximum user weight330lbs

Buying Guide

If you are determined to purchase this exercise machine, then before giving the final order check if it’s giving free prime shipping and the manufacturer is CYCLACE.


  1. Has anyone compared this exercise bike with other bike?

Answer: Well, CYCLACE Exercise Bike 330lbs Weight Capacity was compared with other cycling bikes. And for its longer seat post, you can get enough space than another bike if you are tall and its multi-grip handlebar allows you for more cycling postures.

  • Is it a suitable exercise machine for home gym?

Answer: It has many features which helps all family member to do exercise through this machine. So it can be called a best suitable machine for home gym.

  • Is there any free parts replacement and warranty offers for this exercise bike?

Answer: Yes, of course. There are some parts which can be replaced free and you can exchange machine if any parts get damaged.


CYCLE Exercise Bike Stationary 330lbs Weight Capacity is a super exercise machine, which gives you an excellent experience of cycling at home. This is a complete home gym package. Where your all family members can work on keeping themselves fit.

It is a safe and comfortable machine, where one can exercise for a long time. As this machine has a wheel, you can move the machine to your preferred place. And of course, it is a machine which won’t take much space in your home.

If you have babies and an elder person at home, then you can use this machine without any worry.  Because it creates zero noise while exercising. Considering all benefits you can just confirm your order for CYCLACE Exercise Bike Stationary 330lbs Weight Capacity.

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