Exercise at home at this time

Exercise is not only important to stay fit, but it is also very important to keep the mind healthy and mentally good. During this time, most people’s daily routines have changed, which is affecting their health. So keep some time of the day to exercise from home.

Skipping or jumping rope:

Many people have jumped rope. In the beginning, you have to increase gradually without skipping. And if you don’t have a rope, you just have to turn your hand.

Stand jogging:

If you can’t walk, you can do stand jogging. No instrument is required for this. You can stand in one place and do jogging. The whole body will exercise. It is very good for reducing fat.

Push up:

Push-ups help in the proper structure of the upper body. This can be done by leaning back and straight from shoulder to toe with the weight on the hands. This leads to proper body shape, increased arm strength, and reduced-fat.

Side bends:

Standing on the floor, place one hand behind your head or at the waist and keep the other hand straight. Then try to bend as far as possible towards the hand that is straight towards the floor. After doing this 20 times, try the same with the other hand.

Leg lifts:

Lie on the floor to do this exercise. Keep your legs as straight as possible and lift them upwards. Then slowly lower yourself again and do the same with the other leg. It helps in building abdominal muscles.

Ab crunches;

You can do this exercise to reduce excess belly fat and stay fit. Lie on the floor and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Place both hands under the head. Then put pressure on the abdomen by tilting the head and neck forward. Hold your breath for 3-5 seconds at this time. Can be done 10 to 15 times simultaneously.

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