Treadmills vs Outdoor Running: Which is Better?

Treadmills vs Outdoor Running: Which is Better?

Let’s face it, sometimes getting a good, brisk walk on a treadmill, or knocking out a 5K in the gym is all. we can manage to stick to our fitness goals. But Are we missing out on some key benefits by running on a treadmill instead of taking our run outside though, Running on a treadmill would seem to offer the very same benefits? If you run at the same pace for the same amount of time, even adjusting the incline to match the challenge of running an actual hill outdoors you’re still going to burn the same number of calories and build the same number of fast-twitch fibers in your muscles. You’ll improve your cardiovascular health just the same too. Here I will discuss details, Treadmills vs Outdoor Running – Which is Better?”

Treadmills vs Outdoor Running Trends You Absolutely Must Try in 2021:

1. Being outdoors improves your mood. Any cardiovascular exercise helps to create feel-good endorphins that contribute to the “runner’s high”. We’ve all heard about it, but mother nature offers a color palate – blues and greens – known to help us feel happy. Then there’s the sunlight. The last time I checked, most gyms are lit with grotesque fluorescent lights which make even the fittest athlete look like death warmed over. They also don’t expose us to Vitamin D – an important nutrient that helps us feel great, but that also fights against cancer, bone deterioration, and even seasonal depressive disorder.

2. Being outdoors can help attention restoration. There is a disorder named for our inability to focus on anything. If you’ve noticed your attention span is about as long as a flea, then you likely need to restore your cognitive abilities. Taking your run, and other physical activities outdoors give your brain a rest. though, might be able to watch the next episode of your favorite television program while on the treadmill. Simply being outside will give your mind the rest it truly deserves. Your body also gets what it craves too – movement!

3. Being outdoors reduces the incidence of cardiac arrest, Running outside can help decrease inflammation, spur weight loss, and can even help you sleep better.

More Tips About Treadmill VS Outdoor:

4. Exercise already slows aging by helping the body scavenge free radicals, but being outdoors increases anti-aging factors by at least 35%. Research published by the Journal of Aging health found that spending time outdoors even helps people suffering from dementia and other diseases more commonly found among the elderly.

5. Being outdoors will inspire you to run farther. Boredom is a big reason we don’t make it that extra mile when we’re clocking them. Researchers have found that simply being outside can inspire us to run a little farther or challenge our bodies in a new way, maybe we take a different route or run downhill instead of uphill for a change. The added variety is good for muscle confusion, and the sights and sounds of being outside can make running much more interesting.

The next time you think of driving to the gym, finding your favorite treadmill through this “Treadmills vs Outdoor Running” blog, and knocking out a few miles, reconsider taking your workout outdoors. You’ll be smarter, happier, and live longer for it.

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